How to Rent ?

To rent a vehicle, you must:
- Present a valid license and proof of address.
- Driver's age: at least 21 years (25 years for categories C3, C4, D1, D2, E3, E4).
- Age of Permit: at least 2 years (5 years for CC categories, C3, C4, D1, D2, E3, E4).
- Adjust the amount initially estimated rental (checks accepted).
- Pour a deposit:
€ 600, € 700 or € 990
by credit card (Electron and Maestro cards are not accepted.

What is comprised ?

- Car maintenance.
- Breakdown and towing assistance around the clock for breakdowns chargeable to PRO-RENT.
- A road map and a tourist guide.
- Illimited mileage.
- 59 extra minutes free (extra hour = 1/5th of the extra day rate).
- All-in insurance with damage excess 600 ? (cat. A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, B4), 600 ? ( cat. B5, C0, C+, D1),
800 ? (cat. D2, E1, E2).

What is optional ?

- Baby seat : 10? for the length of the stay
- Child seat : free
- Pick up at the AIRPORT or PORT : 5?
- Reduction of damage excess : 5?/ day. Damage excess thus is reduced to 150? (cat. A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, B4), 300 ? (cat. B5, C0, C+, D1), 450? (categories D2, E1, E2).

Which cover by the mandatory insurances ?

- Civil liability covering damages to third parties.
- Fire or explosion of the vehicle, if not resulting from an accident.
- Damage insurance covering all damages to the rented car, the following damage excess is charged to the renter.
Damage excess 600 ? : cat. A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, B4
Damage excess 600 ? : cat. B5, C0, C+, D1
Damage excess 800 ? : cat. D2, E1, E2

* Damage excess is the maximum amount to be paid by the renter to cover repair costs in case of damage by his fault or absence of identification of a third party, in case of theft or attempt of theft.

Optional insurances ?

They can be subscribed in order to diminuish the damage excess and to complete the basic guarantee.
- Complementary theft insurance ( TP ) and complementary collision insurance ( CDW ): 5?/day
- Complementary passenger insurance ( PAI ): guarantees medical care up to 762,25 ?, and 7.622,45 ? in case of decease or disability).

What is to the charge of the renter in any case

- Fuel.
- Flat tyres and damages resulting of driving with flat tyres.
- Loss of keys.
- Leaving the keys in the shut vehicle.
- Damages by bumps on the substructure (casing, exhaust system, bottom of coachwork, etc?), as well as damages resulting of driving through too narrow or too low spaces (tunnels, bridges, etc?).
- Towing costs except for breakdowns chargeable to PRO-RENT or in case of accidents with identified third parties.

What to do in case of damage

Damages with a third party:
- You must provide a filled-in accident report within 48 hours showing the identy of the third party.
- PRO-RENT's insurance will determine the responsability of each party.
- The security deposit will be kept until final statement by the insurance.
- Accident without responsability: the deposit will be refunded by mail.
- Accident with responsability: damages to third parties will be covered by PRO-RENT's insurance
- The renter is responsible for damages to the rented vehicle up to the amount of damage excess.
- The deposit may thus be used to cover the damage excess, the whole sum or part of it.
In case of damage with responsability or without identified third party,
in case of theft or attempt of theft:
- You must alert PRO-RENT immediately and sign a statement of damage or theft in our office.
- In case of theft or attempt of theft, you must file a claim at the next police station.
- A quotation of damage estimation will be given.
- The renter is liable for damages to the vehicle up to the amount of damage excess.
- The deposit may thus be used to cover the damage excess, the whole sum or part of it.

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